25 Cents Phone Sex

$1.99 per minute? Why should I pay that much when I can get phone sex for just 25 cents!

We are the real thing! Speak to us LIVE.

We are the real thing! Speak to us LIVE.

I had already seen these 25cents phone sex ads on Google when checking up on some of my rankings.

You see, with Google being what it is, you can never be sure that a site (your site) which was ranked near the top of the search engine yesterday, for cheap phone sex for example, might still be equally ranked the day after.   And true to form, the other day, my hard worked achieved top ranking happened to have indeed been usurped by a site promising 25¢ Phone Sex where… “you can do it all, for only 25 cents a minute with absolutely no connection fee.” Not only that, according to said ad, “phone sex has never been so good and so cheap!”

By the way… Please make sure you bookmark this site! Like that, no matter what “tricks” the search engines play, you will always know where to find us!

Whilst it’s never nice to see a drop in ranking, when it is a competitor that outranks you, you don’t like it, but you say to yourself, well… I’ll have to work even harder next time to get back to where I belong. Of course, it has to be a “substantial” site, full of content and valuable information about the phone sex industry we all love, and not those one page units which Google says webmasters must stay away from, they call them thin content sites with little or no added value, and yet still manage to find themselves at the top of the pile. But I digress…

But when it’s a site that has nothing to do with phone sex, then not only is it not nice, but you feel cheated. And 25 cents phone sex don’t provide phonesex site.

THEY DON’T! What they do provide is a network of local men and women who’s previously recorded message you can hear, at 25 cents a minute. They provide access to recorded stories, and ultimately, what they call “LIVETALK” whereby, with lots of back and forth between the person who’s recorded greeting you like and yourself, until eventually, if things click, you might then talk to.  It’s a chatline. I am not saying it doesn’t have  have its place in the adult entertainment industry, I even promote adult live chat (a chatline) myself on this very site,  but it’s a far cry from being anything remotely like what I do.

If it’s live no limit and delicious phone sex you want, then there is only one place to go, and it’s right here!

No matter what Google tells you!

And we are cheap as well. Not 25 cents cheap, but after all, we are the real thing!


Talk to you later honey!

Phone Sex – Come and Play

phonesexWe are the phone sex girls that your mom warned you about. Hot, explicit, sexy and horny, there is nothing we won’t do to satisfy your hunger. And ours in the process.

Back in my coeds days I knew that sex was a lot of fun, but having always been overwhelmed by overpowering parents who were watching my every move, I didn’t know how delicious sex could be. By the time I was done with high school, my entire sexual knowledge consisted of a single kiss a potential boyfriend gave me. It wasn’t much of anything, but it caused my body to stir, and during the months that followed, I suddenly knew I was hooked on SEX! All I could thing about was that kiss, that hard cock pressing against me, and how my pussy had reacted. It was simply delicious and to this day, I still stir when a man kisses me for the first time.

Being watched closely by parents who monitor your every move doesn’t do much for a teenager’s need to experience the things that her body crave, but what it did allow me to do is develop an imagination that knew no limits. What I couldn’t do in real life, I could do in thoughts, and I began to devour any erotic book I could lay my hands on. In its own, warped sort of ways, I suppose it’s a good thing that I was raised so “carefully’ because it allowed my mind to soar.

In college, where parents are a thing of the past, for most of us the forbidden becomes possible and not unlike many of my friends, I tried to make up for lost times. I fucked and allowed myself to be fucked everywhere and anywhere. I developped a reputation of the horny slut who was ready for anything, and it was ironic really since before that, I had always been called the virgin nun! Of course, I didn’t allow anyone access to my body, and in fact was quite selective in my choices of lovers. The horny slut became the snobby whore, and I didn’t care, because those who called me that were the ones who would never have me!

One such guy, who had been trying to get into my pants for the longest time was so persistent in his efforts that I kinda fell sorry for him. Not to the extent that I actually did anything with him physically, but I gave him my phone number once and told him that if he wanted, and if I had the time, he could call me and I would “take care of him”.

I had no idea what that meant, but it sounded cool. And thus I became the phone sex slut.

Soon ever Dick and Harry was calling for sex, and just like that, I decided that if I was going to give all these guys phone orgasms, I might as well get paid for it.

A few months later, I had dozens of guys who would call me on a regular basis, and my official name became: Madame Phone Sex.

I realized that all the books I had read, all the erotic stories I had fantasized about gave me a unique platform into the realm of sexual fantasies and fetishes and I was really good at it.

And I was making money. Lots of money…

At graduation, when the time came for all us to think forward and start looking for a career to build, I realized I already had a job. A darned good, funny, exciting job, one I was really good at.

It was phone sex.

Soon, there wasn’t enough of me to handle all the calls that were coming in. I had to hire people to help. First a girl I had known in college, a shy and gorgeous girl who looked like she was the most innocent of all, until you heard her talk. She had a voice that my callers were melting for… Literally… Then I hired another, then another and soon there were dozens of us spread around the US, taking phone sex calls.

With time, I began to hire men as well, for those of my callers who liked a bit of gay or bisexual fun on the side and then one day, I met a real transvestite who seduced the bejesus out of me and had the longest cock I had ever seen. Thin, but oh so deliciously long. She was incredible. And I hired her as well.

Sometimes, you think you know how your life is going to pan out, and then all of a Sudden, Sex jumps at you and you become… The most popular phone sex girl on the internet.

Cheap Phone Sex? How a Small Privately Owned Company Is Offering The Real Deal.

Cheap PhonesexDo you want a great time? Speak live one on  one with a real amateur woman who works  for herself?  Here is how you can do it.  And you won’t even have to pay over the odds for the pleasure!

The average user comes to our website through an initial search made on one of the search engines. For example, it may be that you found this particular page looking for phone sex, and for this specific example, let’s say you used Google as your engine of choice. As you may or may not have noticed, that google search would have presented you with a list of results sorted out by order of relevancy, 10 per page, with the most relevant results (according to google) placed at the top of each page. Did you happen to see the number of pages that you could potentially choose from? 978 MILLION pages! With such a staggering number, you would be well within your rights to assume that there are thousands of different companies responsible for these pages. But here is the kick: That would be an entirely wrong assumption. There are in fact just about half a dozen of companies who own the majority of all these pages, and then there is the rest of us, the real independent phonesex operators, fighting over the crumbs that are left over.

Have I mentioned the countless other “kink specific sites”? The thousands of pages categorized by every fetish you could ever possibly imagine, and further grouped in sub category? A femdom for example comes in all types of specialties… You’ve got your sensual femdom, your hardcore mistress, your strapon goddess etc…

And as if the endless number of websites these companies maintain wasn’t sufficient, they also have numerous sites where you are supposedly able to find the best deals in town, the cheap phone sex of all cheap offers. But here is the real kick about these discounted offers! There are always fine prints, extra charges to be added, not always prominently shown in any of the front pages, simply because the truth is, the average horny dude who needs it is part of a captive audience who doesn’t necessarily spend a lot of time analyzing said fine prints.Until the bill arrives at the end of the month that is!

Allow me to point something else out for you.  Do you think that the number of girls they feature at the same time in any 24 hour period is proportional to the number of websites they publish? That would be a reasonable assumption, wouldn’t it? I think so. Well, the answer is no. They don’t. In fact they rarely have more girls available concurrently at any given time during the day (or night) than me!

What about me? Is there really a difference between the way I run my business and the way they run theirs? Don’t I use the same methods? What is the difference?

The truth is, I could have grown my company to become one of those major conglomerates with endless marketing budgets, teams of specialist coders, graphic designers and web masters all tasked with the same requirements. Build more! More websites, more pages, more fake identities. But this is one path I purposely avoided right from the get go. I like being an independent operator. I love being able to take calls myself, just like I did when I first started this business. I love the intimate relationship I have with my employees and of course my callers. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I don’t need to market phone sex as something cheap, because when it comes to cheap, there are offers out there, so bad, and so cheap, that I wouldn’t touch them with an 8 inch pole. What I do provide though is the highest quality, balls emptying bad ass life sex chat there is… Period…

The major difference lies in the fact that I don’t need to market my phone sex services as being “cheap” or “the cheapest” or any such low cost determination. My girls and I pride ourselves in the excellence of quality that we offer to all our customers,

We, as phone sex girls, do not have to operate on the false premises that we offer anything cheap. We don’t! We offer the highest quality which is of course discounted but cheap prices is not the reason why we are so popular with our clients

We have been in the business of providing phone sex chat conversations for over a decade and have needed to use marketing gimmick leading with “cheap” as the main reason to call us simply because we offer the very best and our customers know that, love us for that, and more importantly, become repeat customers. Imagine that! A customer who chooses to continue to do business with us, not because our prices are discounted but rather because we are so good at what we do.

But there is in fact a very basic difference between my company and… them! I do what I do so well, my customers are so satisfied with my services that I do not need to trick anyone into thinking that if they need cheap phone sex, they should come to me. Nope. Each and every one of my customers know that when they want quality, when they want to enjoy a moment of sheer bliss, one which goes beyond their sexual expectations, then I am their girl! Period. The fact that my rates are discounted (see I don’t even call them cheap) is neither here, nor there!

If I was to recommend a single phone sex company, then it would be this one! Debbie and I worked together when I first started, and whilst phonesex has become a career for me, Debbie still does it for fun!

Here is an ad that we run from time to time: “Call now for a session that will leave you breathless! $1.99 per minute of glorious sex. Are we the cheapest? No. Are we the best? Probably yes!” How about for that honesty! At the end of the day, you should really try us so you can see for yourself!

So there you have it… Choose me or my girls for the very best, or spend more and get nothing in return .